Your Custom word, text in Aboriginal Font vinyl cu

Your Custom word, text in Aboriginal Font vinyl cut sticker at 1200 x 100 mm Car

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Custom Stickers and shirts

Your Custom Word or text Aboriginal Font.
Size 1200 x 100 mm, I'll try to fit your word to this size as best as i can.
Custom text, words sticker that can be use on many vehicles or Bikes, Boats, Windows, doors or any smooth surface sticker, Vinyl cut Sticker, No background.
Made from high quality 7+ year outdoor multi-fix vinyl.
Do not copy or reuse this font in any way as it is a trademarked and copyrighted to Stick-Dat Original design by Aboriginal Artist Maree Bradbury.
High quality custom decals, stickers, shirts, facemask, jumpers and more all on the east coast of Australia, brisbane using the latest Equipment and technology Roland and Adobe has to offer. We can do orders from 1 off's to 10,000's and Bulk orders will get very competitive prices.

What you get

Sticker Made From High Quality vinyl 7 years + Outdoor.
Application Tape (If its needed for some Stickers)
Protective cardboard.

Buy 2 stickers from my store and get a 3rd sticker of same value for FREE. Please don't buy the 3rd item. sent a message via messanger after checkout