What are real estate signs made of - Signage

What are real estate signs made of? Corflute!

Real estate signs made of corflute, its a plastic board that has a corrugated plastic inside, this makes it light weight, strong and weather resistant perfect for outdoor signage, there are many variations and thickness depending on the use, Real estates most commonly use the 5 mm thick version. 

Some of the more recent real estate signs have lights and are using acrylic boards with LED backlink lights, this makes for a standout from the rest style board.

Uses of corflute signage

It is commonly used for real estate signs but can also be used for road side directional signs, Sandwich board signs, A frame signs, Gate signage even a backing display for you food van or mobile food service. 

How to buy corflute signs 

If you happen to require a similar style sign let our team at Stick-Dat know and we can help design and create a signage board to suit your needs. we can even supply LED light up signage!

We can post world wide or we can deliver personally to areas of Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Redland Bay areas.

Our most popular predefined size is the one blow