Stickers for wheelie bins

Stickers for wheelie bins

Wheelie bins are a common sight all over the world, not just in industrial countries. In fact, they are a preferred method of collecting rubbish in many countries that lack the infrastructure to provide refuse collection and disposal by other means.

However, many people find wheelie bins to be unsightly and some places have simply banned them outright. One alternative for those who wish to avoid the eyesores that these bins create is to create custom stickers for them, which can be used to make them more appealing from an aesthetic perspective.

Wheelie bin stickers

Bin stickers are one of the most important aspects of any bin. Wheelie bin stickers and business bin stickers are used to provide an extra layer of protection to the bins and also allow people to identify their usage.

Wheelie bin stickers are a great way of boosting customer engagement with your business. They can be used for marketing, promotions, or just branding. They are a good way to put your company logo on bins and they can also help create a memorable experience for your customers - by getting them more involved in what you do with bins.

Custom Bin Stickers

Stick-Dat can create custom sticker to suit your bin for your business or just for personal use, Contact us today on 0413501708 or email

Some of the most popular categories and designed stickers for wheelie bins are below ;

Bird Stickers -

Crow Sticker -

Kingfisher Sticker -

Galah Stickers -

Australia Day Stickers -

Australia Flag Sticker -

Australia Flag Butterfly -