How to stop birds hitting your windows

How to stop birds hitting your windows

Love the native birds near your home? Do you have a favourite window to watch them from? Are you having issues with the birds hitting the windows?

We have the solution for you! Stickers! To be specific bird stickers, our crow and magpie stickers seem to be the most effective at stopping your favourite native birds from hitting the windows. 

Bird stickers

Our range of bird stickers are massive, they range from small decorative stickers silhouette to full wall size photo quality print wall paper style murals.

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Magpie stickers

Our magpie stickers are some of the most popular Aussie stickers we sell. This is a one of a kind to stop the window hitters and help reduce the swooping magpie local.

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Crow stickers

A murder if you buy in bulk! We sell it all and this is one of our personal favourites. 

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